Board Game Room Sign

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This is a laser-cut acrylic sign to display in your hobby or game room.

◢ Where can I display this?
Anywhere really! It’s designed to hang or lean up on a shelf.

◢ How can I hang this?
We do recommend adding an adhesive to the back of the sign for hanging. Acrylic can be fairly brittle when dropped and we’d hate to see it break from falling. We recommend Poster Putty or Loctite Fun-tak. However, be sure to test whatever you use on your wall or surface before installing it. Let us know if you have any questions about this!

◢ Who would like this?
The sign is designed with hobbyists and gamers in mind, specifically tabletop games like hobby board games, strategy games, or tabletop games. It makes a great holiday/Christmas gift, birthday gift, an awesome housewarming gift, or even a wedding gift for a couple who’s into gaming.

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