Board Game Closet Meeple Door Sign for the top of your gaming closet door

Estimated Delivery: Wednesday, June 30th




This is a laser-cut acrylic sign to hang over the top of your Board Game Closet door. Gift it to your board gamer friend or family member!

Note: This ships with a protective masking on the sign.

Where can I hang this?

Anywhere there’s a bit of trim or a 90-degree corner, like a bookshelf or fireplace mantle. The sign is designed to sit snugly on door or window trim, setting the mood and letting your guests know where to make themselves comfortable. It works just as well on the outside of the door as the inside.

You can also hang this sign around any door or window in your house to make a geeky statement. It makes a great decor item for yourself or for board gaming-enthusiast friends and family members.

Who would like this?

The sign is designed with hobbyists and gamers in mind, specifically tabletop games like hobby board games, strategy games, or tabletop wargames. It makes a great holiday/Christmas gift, birthday gift, an awesome housewarming gift, or even a wedding gift for a couple who’s into gaming.

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