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Aircraft Command Console with damage tracker – compatible with games like Aeronautica Imperialis


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Dogfights. Daring raids in enemy territory. Tense bombing runs. Escorting beleaguered aircraft back to your home base… Games like Aeronautica Imperialis are cinematic, frenetic, and full of moments of think-on-your-toes strategy – but keeping track of all the tokens, rules and the health of the planes can be a chore and break your immersion.

Keep your head in the game and tokens off the table, with color-coded player boards for each of your airplanes. Easily organize your cards, assign and reveal hidden maneuver tokens, and track status effects. You can also record your plane’s health or accumulated damage, with the damage tokens that come with the game so both you and your opponent can see it clearly. Match the board to your plane with a colored ring around the clear stem on each plane’s base.

Each console includes:
– 4 long slots to organize your cards vertically for easy access and visibility.
– 2 ‘Pop up’ token spaces to easily place and flip maneuvers and status effects.
– 2 ‘Pop up’ token spaces to easily place and flip damage tokens
– A matching ring so you can quickly see which player board applies to which plane (plus 1 spare).

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2.6 × .125 in
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