50 Energy Bolts - Compatible with King of Tokyo

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What is it?
Upgrade your game with a set of 50 green acrylic bolts to keep track of energy points for your King of Tokyo and King of New York board games. These dark green energy bolts are designed to replace the green energy cubes for King of Tokyo and King of New York, but you can use these board game pieces to upgrade all kinds of other table games.

What we think you’ll love about these custom board game pieces.
With their small size and sturdy feel in the hand, these custom components make for great fidget items when you’re waiting for your turn. Toss ‘em around, stack ‘em up, spin ‘em… Just don’t forget to spend your energy tokens on that Extra Head when it comes up.

Energy Bolts
Thickness – 1/8″ (3.17 mm)
Width – 0.5″ (12.7 mm)
Height – 0.74″ (18.8 mm)

If you’re using these with King of Tokyo or King of New York, they’ll fit in the original box.

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Why upgrade?

Get more from your board games — Custom tokens just look cool. Admit it.

  • Wow factor — Make your friends totes jelly. They’ll want their own.
  • Make it personal — Customize your favorite board games to your style.
  • Replace basic components — Replace generic cubes or pieces with something more thematic.
  • Stay focused — Give yourself something to fidget with between turns.
  • Life happens — Replace worn, lost or damaged cardboard tokens or accessories.
  • Make it last — Lasercut acrylic (plastic) tokens are crazy durable and spill / pet resistant.


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International: Customs duty or tariff paid by the recipient.


Safety Note:  These are somewhat small pieces, so keep out of reach of children, please.

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