We are Beam Geeks

If the name didn’t make it obvious, we’re a couple of geeks who wanted to make fun stuff related to board games, TTRPG, video games, and whatever else trips our trigger.

We’ve always been creative types, but then we bought a laser and it opened a lot of doors. We’re really into acrylic right now, and broadening our catalog is the goal. Hit us up with suggestions and ideas!

We’re all over the social landscape on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s great to see people enjoying the things we make, so please post pics with the hashtag #beamgeeks!

Beam Geeks Logo

Our Team

Sam - Beam Geeks Owner


Designer / Business Type
Board and Video Gamer

I’ve always loved board games, just ask my family. Since as long as I could remember I was trying to get them to play Monopoly with me… don’t worry I’ve since realized the lameness of Monopoly and I never want to play it again. I now love playing any new game I can get my hands. 
Jeff - Beam Geeks Owner


Designer / Writer
TTRPG, Wargamer, Board and Video Gamer

I have several hobbies that vie for my attention: my kids, Warhammer, podcasting, writing, design and illustration, games (just about anything besides card games), you name it… I’ve been into RPG since I was a kid and I still play in a couple campaigns. I’ve also been painting miniatures for over 30 years now… So there’s that. I’ve found that working with the laser allows me to create the sort of accessories and game upgrades I like playing with. I’m very conscious of the quality of game components, and playing with cheap tokens can be a downer for me.